(Or rather, Kingsbridge is coming to me, in the form of an Amazon parcel: it is far too long for me to read on a device.)

Sometimes I am a bit distracted – I had not realized Ken Follett had published his third Kingsbridge book, A column of fire. I am absolutely thrilled! If it is as good as The pillars of the Earth and World without end it’s going to be a fantastic treat… I The first two Kingsbridge books were impossible to put down:I read Pillars during the Christmas holidays  nine or ten years ago, but I read World without end, which is even longer, during term and it was a struggle to shut the book close and go to sleep. Unfortunately,   the Millennium trilogy was much less engaging,   except for the first instalment Fall of giants; the other two volumes were hard to finish. I am hopeful that going back to the past has done Mr Follett good.

I’ll let you know – A column of Fire should be here soon, but I need to finish the two other novels I am reading at present, Girl on a train and A time for everything.