Or: The fortunes of fantasy again

The other night we bumped into  a documentary film on European cinema in the ’90s, mostly on Lars Von Triers’s Breaking the waves and Dogville. I hated Breaking the waves, but I was curious to listen to Von Triers’s interview so I kept watching.

Every time the documentary moved on to a different film or a different director, the speaker said something like “While our screens started being invaded by hobbits and trolls”, or “but that was before dragons were everywhere”, which got on our nerves, so we turned off the tv.

I think it is interesting how for some   realism seems to be intinsecally, and obviously superior to the various forms of fantastic, and readers or spectators who favour non- realistic genres must be considered as immature and silly, or, worse, superficial people who don’t care for real problems in real life.

(to be continued…)